Sample Itinerary for a Trip to St Thomas

We sail with some really fun people who are visiting St Thomas and St John on vacation. They’ve already made the great decision to go sailing on our catamaran with us, and they’re looking for other cool things to do on their island visit. So I thought we’d share some of those ideas with you, now. Hopefully, you’re reading this before your trip for the things that might require reservations or planning ahead of your trip.

So, obviously, sailing with us on Justice is the very best thing to do, and I’ll quickly tell you why, first. Our boat is spacious, we never book more than 12 people, we turn the engines off and sail (not all sailboats really sail), we know the best reefs and beaches, we leave from the east end of St Thomas which gives us terrific access to the best sailing and beautiful island scenery. What’s more, our food is tops, Mumfy’s Famous Pum Runch is a big hit, and we have a close family vibe with our guests that makes the day extra fun. Seriously, we’re nice people and do whatever we can to make your day awesome. But even if we’re booked the day you’re looking to go, you should go out with someone else, because Virgin Islands sailing is some of the best in the world and you’ll love it. We’re happy to recommend a dive shop or sport fishing trip, too, if that’s of interest. Nothing like grilling up your own local fish!

We’re often asked what beaches to go to, and we usually say it depends on what you’re looking for. In St Thomas, Magen’s Bay is a must. It’s long, beautiful, and the water is usually calm. If you want to drink all day, grab a spot near the entrance for easy access to the bar, snack shack, and the beverage runners. We, like many locals, usually hit the far left or sometimes the far right as it’s less crowded. If you don’t care about amenities besides a decent bathroom and are looking for a peaceful beach, Lindquist is a real treat. Super sweet lifeguard Jelani will show you where to snorkel, and you might see turtles or stingrays. Lindquist is on the east end and also goes by the name of Smith Bay Park. During the winter, Hull Bay is a cool spot to check out some local surf. It’s on the north side of St Thomas past Magen’s Bay. We also recommend Sapphire and Secret Harbor for their snorkeling and easy access to food/drinks. Both are on the east end. Another fun thing to do is to take the car ferry to St John for the day. This way, you can go to several different beaches or reach some out of the way hiking spots. If you’re into checking out other islands, you can take a little ferry from Crown Bay Marina to Water Island. Once there, you can walk to Honeymoon Beach or rent a golf cart for the day so you can zip around to a couple different beaches and check out the old fort.

Have you noticed a theme? Beaches and boating at a high level of awesomeness! Yes, there is some shopping, decent dining, and a bar scene, but there are probably better destinations out there for those types of activities (like Miami). Our mountainous terrain and sandy beaches give us stunning scenery. The trade winds blow clean air and keep the heat manageable for most of the year. The water is clear and filled with all kinds of coral and tropical wildlife. So, dive right in!