Now, more than ever, you need to relax and escape reality, but cold weather and closed borders might make you think there aren’t any good out of town options. Think again! The US Virgin Islands has maintained its no-passport-required policy, making it a great place to help you feel like you’re in another world while staying in domestic territory. That’s right, you do not need a passport to fly into St. Thomas!

Tourism is St. Thomas’ main industry, so our local government has worked hard to make sure people can still safely visit and have a great time. What does this mean for you if you’re planning a trip to visit with us on Justice or Liberty in the US Virgin Islands?

It means that you have a variety of airlines making flights directly to St. Thomas and St. Croix. St. Thomas’ Cyril King Airport receives flights from American, Delta, United, and Spirit. We’ve flown them all and have had the most consistently positive experiences with Delta. That said, Spirit has some great deals that are worth checking out if you don’t mind traveling light and amenity-free (or getting stuck overnight in Florida….). Once you arrive at the airport, the process is pretty simple. Your temperature will be checked, and you will need to present your screening certification (proving you’re COVID-free) and then be sent on your way. Sadly, I hear that the free rum punch offerings have been discontinued.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Mumfy’s Famous Pum Runch when you go sailing with us! Yes, sailing on Justice or Liberty will help you forget your worries and feel like all is right with the world. The ocean is still blue, the sailing is still perfect, the fish and the reefs are still beautiful, and our hospitality aboard is better than ever. Most people are booking private trips so that they can stay in their friends-and-family bubble. Our cleaning protocols are ship-shape, and the outdoor nature of our trips offer endless fresh breezes to keep guests and crew safe and comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Stay safe, book your trip, and enjoy the best day of your vacation sailing with Liberty and Justice in St. Thomas and St. John.

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