One of the things we really enjoy about taking visitors sailing is that we meet people from all over and with any number of combinations of friends, family, and loved ones. It is always impressive to see how a day on the water can really bring people together. You could say that sailing and snorkeling in St. Thomas and St. John is the glue that helps build that bond. It is a common experience that creates special moments among those who are together on this mini vacation on the water.

This week, we had the pleasure of doing some great Virgin Islands sailing and snorkeling with cruise ship guests who all work in real estate in Charleston, SC. The agents who sold new homes for a local builder there were thanked with a Caribbean cruise, along with excursions such as sailing with Liberty. It was so nice to see colleagues who work for competing companies share such genuine friendships and travel so well together. Barefoot social opportunities such as sailing and snorkeling certainly don’t hurt those relationships, either!         

So welcome everyone, no matter what crazy, fun mix of family, friends, or strangers you might have! Chances are, we’ll find common ground out on the high seas as we build a day of happy memories.